Ford V Ferrari GT40
Following recommendations by Government and Health Officials, at 4pm
Friday March 20, 2020, The Hollywood Star Cars Museum will be
Temporarily Closed.

If you purchased Tickets online, they are good from up to one year from date of purchase or contact the
online vendor where you made the purchase.
Thank you and we look forward to reopening soon.
The King of Kustomizers - George Barris
A tour through the Hollywood Star Cars Museum is a trip through
some of the most famous movies and TV shows of the last 50
years.  We feature the best Hollywood movie & TV cars in
recreated settings displayed with sound, lights, and action! Many
of the cars are the creations of George Barris, who has created
more famous Hollywood movie & TV cars than anyone.
The most Famous being the 1966 TV Show Batmobile   
George Barris 1966 Tv Show Batmobile
1966 TV Show
Dom's Fast Five Charger
The museum is constantly searching
for new cars to improve the collection.  
Popular cars are from such blockbuster
hit movies such as The Ghostbusters
Ecto-1, The Munsters Drag-u-la,
General Lee from The Dukes of
Hazzard and the Beverly Hillbillies
Jalopy,  Two Batmobiles from
TV Show " & “Batman Returns.”  
Other cars featured are "Eleanor"  
Gone in 60 Seconds,  The Fast
and the Furious,  Back to the Future  
DeLorean  time machine, Days of
Thunder Mello Yello race car, the
Beach Boys 1955 Thunderbird
, Sir
Paul McCartney's Cadillac, and   many
Original Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds
Take Home More than a Memory, picture yuourself in Hollywood's most Famous Cars
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Other Recent
additions to the
1995 Mistubishi Eclipse driven by Paul Walker  from The Fast and the Furious
The General Lee 1969 Dodge Charger from the Original Dukes of Hazzard Television Series
The General Lee... More
The Fast and the Furiuos More
Not only can you see the Most
Famous Cars, you now have the
opportunity to relive a little bit of
Hollywood History!

In the Hollywood Star Cars
Museum Studio & Gift Shop,
you are able to purchase an
In-the-Car Souvenir Photo or
Die-cast Hollywood Collectible.

Photos not available in all cars,
but most of them.
Grandpa Munster's Brris Built Drag-u-la
[] []

Ford v Ferrari
Daytona Winning
Letty's Vette - Fate of the Furious
Fate of the Furious Subaru BRZ