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About Hollywood Star Cars Museum

>About Hollywood Star Cars Museum
Learn about our Gatlinburg car museum

Come see all the amazing cars we’ve collected over the years and learn about the history of the vehicles!

A tour through the Hollywood Star Cars Museum is a trip through some of the most famous movies and TV shows of the last 50 years. We feature the best Hollywood movie & TV cars in recreated settings displayed with sound, lights, and action! Many of the cars are the creations of George Barris, who has created more famous Hollywood movie & TV cars than anyone.

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Hollywood Star Cars Museum Reviews

This a great museum for people who enjoy movies and cars. Here you can find cars from famous movies like Transformers and Fast and Furious, among many others. It's a great place to visit. I enjoyed it a lot. Price is affordable, but still you can save a couple of dollars buying tickets online.

Soren Chamorro
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Lots of cars and details about each one. Most cars we knew the movie or person it came from. Honestly I wasn't expecting it to be very good. To my surprise it was really good and well worth the money. My teenage son loved it.

Lisa Lanham
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Freaking amazing. Everything in tip top shape, just like they were in the movies. Every gear head fanatic should stop in at least once in their life time. Worth the money and thousands of photos you're going to take in there.

Bahm Digity
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As movie enthusiasts with a huge appreciation for motor vehicles, this was a must and we had a blast. Truly was worth every penny. The guy at the front has the best info to offer and we truly learned some things just listening to him. Definitely encourage a visit if you haven't gone.

Amber-Alice Hadders
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