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The Munsters’ DRAGULA

>>The Munsters’ DRAGULA


The Munsters TV Series

Everyone who has seen The Munsters remembers their unique family car, The Munster Koach. During the May 27, 1965 episode Grandpa’s new car, Dragula, was introduced. Every vampire needs a coffin, so the car was designed with a gothic theme including a grill that resembles a tombstone and exhaust pipes that look like organ pipes. The car appeared in only one episode, “Hot Rod Herman,” where Grandpa and Herman drag race. The fan reaction was so great that Dragula was added to the end credits the following year. George Barris designed and created both of the cars used in The Munsters.

The cars appeared in all of their movies including Munster: Go Home, The Munsters Revenge and the FOX production Here Come the Munsters.