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Nissan Skyline R34

>>Nissan Skyline R34

Skyline R34

Driven by Paul Walker in Fast & Furious (2009)

When it comes to alpha dogs, they don’t come more alpha-ier than Nissan’s Legendary Skyline GT-R. And though the new R35 GT-R has eclipsed the R34 in performance, there’s something to be iconic about how the older R34 looks. Plus it didn’t hurt that Paul Walker had driven a R34 in 2 Fast 2 Furious, so it was easy to bring it back.

But that didn’t mean there was a large supply of R34s that picture car coordinator Dennis McCarthy could just pull out of some warehouse. And in order to save some hassle, what they really wanted wasn’t all-wheel drive GT-Rs at all. Instead the production sought out and bought appropriate vintage (1998-2002) Skyline GT-S and GT-T models, which had the same look as the GT-R, but are rear wheel drive. Not only was it cheaper, it also saved the mechanics the hassle of disconnecting the front drive shafts so stunt drivers could drift the cars effectively and do a big standing burnout before the big street race.

For Fast & Furious, there were a total of six Skylines used to portray FBI agent Brian O’Conner’s most significant ride. There was also a fiberglassGT-R replica shell that was mounted to a VW dune buggy chassis for some of the off-road scenes.This is production car #2 and was used in the first race scene of the movie.